sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Clearence Sale at [M2M]

Look 1

Top: [M2M]..::Plaid Balone Shirt::.., non free - 35L at [M2M]
Pants: Darkmeted Jeans, Lucky Board at Equilibrium Design
Acessories: [M2M]..::Lace Flower Head Band-Cristal::.., non free – 1L at [M2M]

Look 2

Outfit: [M2M]..::Unzip Set::.., non free – 1L at [M2M]

Look 3

Dress: #37::..BLH..:: [M2M] Minutes to Midnight, BLH prize, look for a blue ball or you will be fried (my personal hint =P ), free at [M2M]

Look 4

Outifit: [M2M]..::Lika Vip Version- B/W ::.GROUP GIFT/Wear tag to get it, free at [M2M], but there is a 50L fee to enter in the group, but it worth it!

Look 5

Dress: [M2M]..::Mexican Inspiration::.. , non free 50L at [M2M]

Look 6

Outfit: [M2M]..::Lika - Jeans Rompers/Blue Set ::.. next MONDAY MANIA 50L, 07-26-2010 at [M2M]

Look 7

Dress and Skin: [M2M]..::Snake's Dress+Ricky beat me up - Skin::..MONDAY MANIA, non free - 50L at [M2M]

[M2M] are doing a clearance sale of their old itens, many itens being sold by just 1L until tomorrow soo hurry up!

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