sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Influence Project

I read on SL blogs a post very interesting that talked about a RL magazzine with a project of the most Influent pernson on the web 2010.

Surelly this one wasen't me but the girl at that post wondered if this is not a good way to show up SL in a good manner, showing lovelly pics os very pretty AVs.

All in the project will be on magazzine. What you need for register is a valid email and a nice pic (beware of the fact that once you upload the pic it can't be changed anymore)

Soo Im already in this project and after you register yourself you receive a unique url that you can send to other and if they register they will be under your influence... soo This is my Link *winks*

And this is the email I received of the project


Thank you for participating in Fast Company's The Influence Project.
You're about to find out how influential you really are.

Your unique, personalized 'influencer' URL is:

Click on the above link, and start influencing!

1) You can use any means to spread your unique link to your online network.
We shortened it for you so you can share on Twitter and Facebook.
2) Your goal is to influence as many people to click on it as possible.
3) You want those people to sign up as well, since they will be spreading
your influence along with their own.
4) You can track how your influence has grown, where it's led, and where
you stand at any time on the site.
5) Your picture is going to be in the November issue of Fast Company
magazine, where we'll reveal the most influential person online!

Thank you,
The Fast Company team

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