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SL Freebies for Dummies

For too long many us bloggers, who post their freebies for so long, sometimes forget we have new readers who do not know what some terms means.
So let's start with the basics, creating a glossary of SL.


An item that defines your skin color, where are the details of mouth, makeup, muscles, nails, etc. … is the " a wrapping paper” to shape.


This is literally the body shape, need not be bought, you can create your simply click on the avatar and choose edit shape. The shape makes you tall, short, fat, skinny, big nose, has big eyes and small, etc..


Are clothes in SL you have to dress, there is two types of clothing, those in "layers" that are just textures on the avatar, and the "prims" that are 3D objects that you attach to your avatar. Examples of prim hair, skirts, shoes …they appear as little boxes in your inventory, since the clothes in layers appear as shirts, underwear, jackets and pants.

Midnight mania or MM

Devices are found in some stores, these devices you have to click on them to receive a prize for free.
But MM has an entry number of participants to be achieved, for example 001/100, people will receive the award only if 100 people click on MM.
When 100 people click is not possible for anybody else join in the MM. If it reach the number of participants at midnight of the SL, which is different from the midnight of your contry, the people who clicked will receive the prize.

Subscribe or SOM:

These are lists of SL's propaganda that does not occupy space in the groups.

Why get in those lists? Because many creators send gifts on this list, and information about hunts, new releases, promotions and so on.

How to take something that has already been sent out on the SOM before I join it?

Almost all of the SOM allow you to see the old messages, I said ALMOST all, just click on them a second time and choose history ... click all the numbers and you'll receive all the messages and items attached to these messages. Some subscribe's owners remove the attachments, especially if they are gift cards ..

Group Gift

They are gifts gived away to participants of the Store's group in SL, they can be two types, group gift by tag, where the gift is in the shop and you only need to be using the group and click on the object, or the group gift in the groups notices news.
In the case of the notice group gift, it is available only 14 days, after which the SL off the news.
To see the news go to contacts, groups, group profile. Then choose the notices ... If it have any news attached click on it and choose save attachment. Only those who are in the group can watch the news. Some groups have a fee to enter, so check if it says free before entering the group.

Under 30 days old

They are objects with script that checks the age of av in Second Life, if you have less than 30 days sl, soem store give away free gifts for newbies on SL, so hurry up to grab them.

Lucky Letter / Lucky Lucky Chair and Board

Boards are changing the letters in a predetermined period of time, if the letter in the object coincides with the first letter of your name, just click on it (if lucky board) or sit (in the case from lucky chair) and you will receive the gift.

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