quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

~~Cleaning Up this mess - Blogger Challenge~~

I received a notecard in world with a challenge:

"All of us ... women who are victims of fashion in SL have a full inventory!
We keep everything always thinking "maybe one day I need it" ...
Delete something from the inventory is a difficulty that we face ... all is full of questions torment and guilt.!
Eastern philosophy, and others also warn us of the need of not only of the organization but also of renewal.

"Get rid of the old to make way for new"

In times of maintaining the SL felt that skin! The damn inventory doent load ¬ ¬

So ... I throw a challenge to the bloggers (especially Brazilian)

Make a "Day of Shiva", perform a "5 S" in your inventory ... that is, clean up this mess GIRL!

But before you delete (or not delete, believe me I know how hard it is) take pictures and post on your blog ...
It can be anything, skins, hair, clothes, accessories, furniture, houses ... provided that it is very old and already there ... abandoned in any folder without using up old-fashioned ...
Mount an outfit, a scenario, what you want.
Place the reference of the challenge in the title or body text of your post ^ ^

So... Are you in?

Let me know by sending a notecard with your name and url of the blog

Yumi Chiuh

http://mundosl-yumi.blogspot.com/ "
Soo here is what i found in my inventory.. this *gasp* nice stuff that will go to SL heaven inventory

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