sexta-feira, 2 de julho de 2010

Underneath my Clothes

Skin 1: !Imabee: Umeko - Underwater - Good Shit hunt prize from !Imabee, search for a bottle of soda

Skin 2: !Imabee: Stem - Umeko - Grass Field - group gift from !Imabee, join the group and touch the board to receive it.

Skin 3: [dekade.] BAG -Brooke- Group gift - go to Dekade, slap the subscribe and check history

Skin 4: AMD Skin Gift - Mia - Coffee- subscribe gif - go to Apple May Design , slap the subscribe ans check history

Skin 5: -Glam Affair - Sofia Dark - Good Shit Hunt - Go to Glam Affair and search for a Bottle of soda

Skin 6: Drinkskin AmberFAwn- OHEMGEE i cant belive its free- giftskin - Go to The Sea Hole, slap the subscribe and check history

Skin 7: Soul's Street-> Skin lady gaga Eyeliner black-white - MM at Eret!ka

Skin 8: Skin Eret!ka Giselle Dark --red lipstick and scar - MM at Eret!ka

Skin 9: GIFT: Skin Eret!ka---> The Crow - Dollarbie at Eret!ka (coast 2 L)

Skin 10: AtomicBambi-APPLE-Sunblush-Ocean-Dk-Frex - Good Shit Hunt at AtomicBambi, search for a bottle of soda

Skin 11: *S.D.* Hi-GlossBETA RedBone NoHB v.1Body GIft Skin , group gift from Street Dermatology, joing group and buy for 0l the box on the front balcony

Skin 12: (bodyline) SARA _ goodshitHUNT - Good Shit Hunt prize from Bodyline, search for a bottle of soda.

Skin 13: Bomb ! - Cherry Skin -Vol.1 - Geek Hunt at Bomb! search a magik cube (like the 80's one)

Skin 14: FREE 13.Skin Soul's Street-> NAOMI Pink/Silver - MM at Eret!ka

Skin 15: Adore Tone 2 Firefly - freebie at Envy

Skin 16: Elegance Tone 3 Raven Promo - freebie at Eternally M.E

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